Call for papers

Abstracts and Full Papers deadlines:

Deadline for abstracts submission 21th April 2017

Selection and notification of abstracts acceptance 25th April 2017

Submission of full papers 5th May 2017

Full paper acceptance 11th May 2017

Guidelines for submission:

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As in the prior conferences, no interpretation service is foreseen during the conference. The official language of the STAC8 is English thus, papers submitted must be in English.

Intellectual Property Rights:

The organisers comply with international standard rules on Intellectual Property Rights and as such a policy on IPR management is set for all contributions submitted for/at the conference.

Participants undertake to submit papers and supporting materials of their presentations clean from copyrights. All authors will be requested to provide a copyright disclaimer securing that their presentations are originals and have never been published before. All authors will be requested to authorise the publication of their papers within the ISBN e-book containing the STAC8 ACTA as well as any other dissemination of the conference promoted by the organisers. As such authorswill clear the organisers from the paiment of any IPR associated fees.


While promoting dialogue and cultural difference as a basic value Papers suggesting intolerance or, promoting offensive or un-ethical contents including in approach in any form whatever the sciences treated will be rejected. Equally this approach will be followed with materials produced or presented for direct distribution at the conference.


Deadline for submission of abstracts at  is 21th April 2017