It’s located downtown, right next to City Hall (Greater Amman Municipality) on Ali bin Abi Taleb Street (GPS coords: 31.945744, 35.927299). The pedestrian entrance is from Omar Matar St.

Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) established Al Hussein Cultural Center to be a cultural landmark for the City of Amman. The Cultural Centre has realized based on a project designed by Architect Bilal Hammad, a very well known architect in Jordan and abroad. It includes several exhibition halls, which can be used by citizens free of charge, as well as theaters and public libraries.

The cultural center has 10,000 square meters (32,808 square feet) of event space, including a massive theater and multi-purpose rooms. Al Hussein Cultural Center hosts workshops, festivals and events.

The Objectives of Al-Hussein Cultural Center

1. The center is important for being part of the rehabilitation of the center of Amman and the development scheme of Ras Al Ein.

2. It focuses on the cultural, social, political and economic dimensions.

3. The Al-Hussein Cultural Center is aimed at restoring the spirit and the human vitality to the center of the city.

4. Serving the Cultural and theatrical movement by unleashing the creative artistic and intellectual potentials.

5. Realizing a comprehensive, cultural development by providing the infrastructure such as the halls, the auditorium, children skills development, artistic activities workshops, a library and the Al-Hussein Cultural Center Theater.

6. Maintaining communication between the Greater Amman Municipality and the community, by offering free center services, in addition to various events and festivities.

Al-Hussein Cultural Center is articulated in

· The ground floor consists of a guidance counter, electric stairs, two elevators, exhibition hall and a theater for 189 people. The floor is also equipped with facilities for special needs people.

· The first floor has a multipurpose rooms “A” for 150 people, and “B” for 100 people; they are suitable for meetings. This floor also has waiting areas.

· The second encompasses management offices, a VIP room, a meeting room for 30 people, in addition to a guest room.

· The third floor has a hall designated for Al-Hussein Center library, in addition to an exterior hall.

Al-Hussein Cultural Center Theater

Al-Hussein Cultural Center Theater has 535 seats; it also has a royal chamber. It is equipped with the latest light and sound theater acoustics. The theater can be multipurpose to host plays, drama, musical and singing performances. It also can be used for film screening, meetings and exhibitions.

The National Institute of Music

The institute’s building consists of four floors, each has several halls, designed and furnished according to the international standards. The ground floor has a guiding reception.