Info for Participants




Useful telephone numbers in case of need during your stay

Conference desk 0796915219

Organising Committee 0796633088

Police 911

Civil Defence 911

Queen Alia Airport

Visa requirements

The Jordanian visa can be easily obtained in advance at all Jordanian Consulates and Embassies worldwide. For several Nationalities visa can also be obtained upon arrival at the Queen Alia International Airport provided that you have a valid passport. More detailed information can be found consulting: and

For further information, we suggest you to contact the Jordanian Diplomatic Mission assigned to your country of residence.

Currency and cards

The Jordan Dinar (JD) is the currency used in Jordan for any ordinary transaction. You may find online the current exchange rates updated on a daily basis versus any other official currency.

All major credit cards are widely accepted in main malls and supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, etc. However, just in case, it is advisable that you verify whether your card is accepted before consuming, purchasing something or making any type of transaction.

ATM cabins are widespread in Amman and you can download cash at any time around the clock. Some ATM cabins are located just in the nearby or even inside hotels. However, also in this case, please make sure that you will apply the normal precautions that you may apply in your own country. Never digit codes or reveal pins and other details concerning your cards when you can be seen by strangers.


In your hotel there would normally be free access to internet LAN and WIFI. Of course also telephone are available and you would find the rates applied for domestic and international calls. However, you may prefer to buy a side-car to use in your mobile to receive and make calls or else. There are several TelCom providers in specialised shops and also in hotels, magazines shops, book-stores, etc. They are normally selling prepaid cards of different companies.


Those flying to Jordan will normally arrive at the Queen Alia International Airport. The airport is about 40 kilometres south of Amman.

You can find official taxis just at your terminal exit door. Rates for a drive from/to the airport is set. However it could currently take a range between 20 and 27 Jordanian Dinars for a drive to Amman with a beige colour official taxi from airport. You ask for quotations at the taxi booths of various companies located just in the exit hall.

At the airport are also found buses that reach Amman city centre from where you can easily get a yellow taxi that can drive you at your final destination spending a few Dinars. Normally a bus leave to Amman every 30′ but at night times departures are every 60′. Check the bus time schedule and more info on bus from/to the airport at

In Jordan taxi drivers are regulated by law and rates are established accordingly. However, since distraction is always possible, when the driver starts the drive you are suggested to verify that the metre is on zero. Ask first. May the metre be out of service than you are advised to either change taxi or before sitting negotiate the taxi fare for your transfer.

There are also collective taxis for public transportation in Amman. However, they follow specific itineraries and are not suggested for your commuting.

Climate in Jordan

Jordan could be great surprise for new comers. No many other places in the world can offer in such a relatively limited territory such a different climatic variety. This is perhaps one of the reasons why since the antiquity part of the population lived a semi-nomadic way of life that in Jordan coagulated around the Bedouin model.

Amman lays on a plateau at an average altitude ranging between 800 and 1100 metres from sea level. Normally dry in Spring, thermal excursions are characterised by pleasant sunny yet frizzy breezes in the early morning, warm temperatures during daylight which drop at sunset to make room to pleasant fresh evening.

The region of the Jordan valley is significantly warmer and it is characterised by significantly higher temperatures with strong daylights. The Dead sea is placed on the Jordan Rift Valley and it is definitely the lowest land on earth at a level lower than 300 metres below sea level. Winters here can be pretty warm and summer hot and very humid.

The sand desert areas such as Wadi Rum and Disi are characterised mostly by very warm sunny weathers during daytime and important drops of temperature over night. Other low lands such as in Wadi Araba though mostly characterised by stone environments can reveal a similar climatic pattern although during daytime the heat could be mediated by good dry soft winds.

Back to the North regions, are the Jordan heights, where the cities of Salt, Jerash, Ajlun and Irbid are located and are characterised by the typical Mediterranean weathers with rigid winters and sunny yet fresh summers like any typical hilly area around the Mediterranean basin. Here is widespread the cultivation of the olive and a great variety of other fruit trees.


Especially for those who are not accustomed to pretty sunny and warm/hot climates it advisable to protect from UVRays making use of sunglasses, huts and to cover with appropriate clothing made of light fabrics and light colours (less sensitive to attract the sun heat). Use of a sunscreen is advisable and you should select its level of protection based on your personal requirements. Making excursions you will surely wear very comfortable shoes. No hills please !!!  comfortable shoes are required for the study tour to Um-Rasas, Madaba and Mount Nebo. The same criteria applies to any other visit to natural or archaeological sites.

Jordan is a very progressive Arab country and its peoples are very welcoming and respectful of visitors. Of course a few exceptions could be there as in any other country. This is why behaviour should be attentive as much as attentive you would be in your own country.

While in an accompanied touring in Amman and elsewhere you will be always in safe hands. Holding in town alone is also safe, yet you should take the precaution to be respectful of religious sites and shrines.

Shopping in Amman can be a real pleasure as nowadays a very original production of typical crafts and their up to-date interpretation are available. While planning to do shopping do not hesitate to ask to the organisers.They will be able to provide you indications on locations where most shops are located to satisfy your taste and needs.

Dress code

Although no specific dress code is defined, a few events will take place including the conference inauguration, the gala dinner and the final conference day. On these occasions you may prefer to wear a more formal clothing criteria based on the day time and nature of the event.

During the other conference days normal comfortable clothing such as smart casual or business clothing could make you feel at ease. While in the evening errands English casual dressing could be practical enough. Based on your temperature perception and sensibility, make sure that you take a jacket with you going out after sunset since in the Amman evenings might be somewhat chilly.


You may prefer to have your adapter to charge batteries of your electrical belongings (Camera, Smart-phone, laptops, etc.) howevwer make shure that you consider the electrical plugs. Especially out of the hotels  most frequently, the British square three-pin plugs are found in Jordan. More information is found in


Tourist Police is available in most cultural heritage sites. In Amman and main cities Police and any security service are available around the clock 7/7. Tourist police is trained to deal with visitors and would be extremely helpful may you need them.

In some desert areas like Petra, Wadi Rum, etc. you may meet also the desert Police. You can recognise them as they ride camels and wear the bedouin military uniform. Note that they are not pure folklore but real well trained police. They know the territory as much as you know your pockets and you can trust that they will be always availabe to help in case of need.

May you decide to hire a car please note that you are expected to respect the code as much as anywhere else in the world. The trafic police controls roads and may you be in trouble with your car they can support you.

Medical care

All hotels are provided with contacts with a Medical Doctor that can be called at any time. However, may you feel you need MD care please do not hesitate to contact the hotel reception or the conference desk or the organisers number. Anyway, please notify the organisers who will try to sort out the best arrangement for you based on actual need.

Modern and well equipped hospitals and English speaking MD of any speciality and professional Nurses are available in Amman. Of course, if you are not covered by an international travel insurance, it would be advisable for you to get one to cover eventual costs for medical care, etc. exactly as you would do for any other journey abroad.


In Amman and all around the country there are plenty of good Pharmacies where most products are available. However, may you normally be using some specific medicine it would be advisable to bring with you enough of it for your normal consumption. Like in any other country you may require an MD prescription to buy certain pharmaceutical product. In case of need you can refer to the conference organisers to get support for medical or pharmaceutical issues.