Main topic list

The list of the main topics addressed at the STAC 8 would include but is not limited to:


  • Archaeology. Latest mediations between new archaeological sites’ investigation and the protection of natural/cultural diversity.
  • Urban rehabilitation, Architectural Conservation, Townscape preservation and Socio Economic values
  • Museums in-situ, and interactive ICT aids for an enhanced interpretation of Archaeological sites, Monuments, Historic city centres and Cultural Landscapes
  • Anamnesis, Investigation and Diagnostics of the state conservation. Ranging between social sciences, applied sciences and technology in strategic planning for cultural heritage protection
  • Ancient Technologies & Techniques
  • Heritage Impact Assessment in regional/local development planning
  • Ancient Water Management Systems
  • Early risk identification, Assessment and Disaster Preparedness
  • Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage Cataloguing and Documentation
  • Current challenges in Cultural Heritage protection and Legislative impediments
  • Cultural Heritage Management cycle from planning to daily practice
  • Sciences Applied to Cultural Heritage Conservation
  • Institutional capacity development needs and appropriate CH management in ordinary times and in emergency.
  • Spaces and means suitable for Cataloguing, Documenting, Archiving data and, proper information maintenance in secure assets
  • Heritage Impact Assessment through geology, geophysics, physic and analysis of anthropic territorial changes
  • Methods and Technologies to enhance Resilience of Cultural Heritage to the effects of Climate change, natural events and human activities including conflicts
  • Current practice in Preventive Archaeological and Architectural Restoration, Conservation and Maintenance in open areas and/or in densely populated human settlements
  • Economics in Cultural Heritage Conservation and Promotion. Estimates of Capital investment vs. Profit making. Measuring investment positive impact of investment on CH on stakeholders and society at large.